iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional Case Study

But one of the best cross-platform options-the cheapest-will be ISkySoft’s PDF editor 6. The PDF Editor 6 Pro has a simple splitter pane interface, a toolbar run at the top containing basic features to convert, edit, organize, review, browse, and block your PDFs. Click any one of the Display submenu tools.

The left column allows you to browse a PDF page or file, which you can hide to enlarge the main pane.

the PDF editor for getting Started ISkysoft has all the tools you need to convert and edit files into PDF format. You can purchase programs for MAC or Windows computers. The program is downloaded as a, so you can access the software on the computer. ISkysoft’s applications are a little more difficult to use than the best PDF converters in our list. Although the application has a clean interface, and we are able to find important tools, it does not have the functionality of the Installation Wizard. The magician will be useful because the icon of the tool, your program is not quite clear at first glance. You have to hover over every tool to find out what it is for.

Despite this shortcoming, the navigation of the software is simple. ISkysoft’s conversion application supports multiple file formats. You can convert a PDF to Excel Word, PowerPoint, EPub, HTML, or text document, which makes it one of the most flexible programs in our list. You can also optimize the PDF for the Internet. Although the ISkysoft PDF editor has the standard tools required to convert a document to PDF, it lacks several features to improve its effectiveness. For example, the application does not allow you to drag and drop pages from one location so that the order of the PDFs changes. You also cannot compare the pre-and post-conversion variants of a file, nor do you maximize the PDF of your mobile device.

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